105th Congress Press Releases

December 19, 1998
Congressman Peterson votes against impeachment

October 28, 1998
Congressman Peterson announces sportsmen have $4.8 billion impact on Minnesota Economy

October 9, 1998
Congressman Peterson announces CRP expansion approved

October 8, 1998
Peterson votes to proceed with hearings

October 2, 1998
Congressman Peterson announces passage of agriculture relief package: $675 million targeted to Northwest Minnesota Region

September 30, 1998
Congressman Peterson pleased Higher Education bill will become law

September 25, 1998
Congressman Peterson opposes fast track: demands greater assurances for farmers

September 24, 1998
Congressman Peterson chairs first Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus Policy Forum

September 17, 1998
Congressman Peterson announces tentative deal on agriculture relief: $675 million targeted to Northwest Minnesota Region

August 26, 1998
Congressman Peterson announces assistance for small towns and counties: 10 communities to receive fourth year of cops funding

August 12, 1998
Congressman Peterson announces new crop insurance options

August 6, 1998
Support builds for Peterson CRP disaster bill

August 4, 1998
Congressman Peterson introduces CRP legislation for scab area

Congressman Peterson to present purple heart medal to family of Arvie Van Meveren

August 3, 1998
Congressman Peterson says advanced farm payments are no solution for NW Minnesota -- more assistance is needed

July 31, 1998
Tunheim and Peterson work for relief for farmers

July 30, 1998
Congressman Peterson tells Ag Committee Members: "We need help now!"

Congressman Peterson pushes for approval of expanded CRP priority area

July 27, 1998
Sacred Heart school to receive additional FEMA funding

July 23, 1998
Congressman Peterson optimistic about progress on relief for farmers

June 25, 1998
Attempts to gut sugar program fail for second time this Congress

House passes funding for 3rd Street project  

Committee approves amendment regarding Fergus Falls essential air service

June 19, 1998
Subcommittee approves amendment regarding Fergus Falls essential air service

June 18, 1998
Agriculture Committee passes Selective Embargoes Act with amendment to end grain embargo

June 16, 1998
Anti-Upper Midwest dairy effort derailed in House -- compact threat looms in Senate

June 10, 1998
Congressman Peterson pleased with USDA dairy decision

June 5, 1998
Congressman Peterson joins "Houses that Congress Built" effort

May 29, 1998
Seven 7th District Counties declared Economic Injury Disaster Loan area

May 22, 1998
House passes Transportation Bill

May 19, 1998
Congressman Peterson announces appointments to U.S. Service Academies

Congressman Peterson discusses Northwest Angle situation with influential Canadians

May 14, 1998
Congressman Peterson announces visit by Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman

May 12, 1998
Congressman Peterson to meet with participants in the United States Information Agency's Voluntary Visitor Program regarding the Northwest Angle  

Congressman Peterson to attend annual Canadian-U.S. Interparliamentary Group Meeting

April 30, 1998
Congressman Peterson pleased with USDA loan authorization in emergency supplemental appropriations

April 2, 1998
Congressman Peterson to participate in Agriculture Committee trade mission to the European Union

April 1, 1998
Congressman Peterson meets with Trade Ambassador regarding the Northwest Angle

Congressman Peterson and Pomeroy introduce farm relief bill

March 26, 1998
Congressman Peterson to meet with Trade Ambassador

March 24, 1998
Congressman Peterson announces additional USDA loan authorization for Minnesota and North Dakota  

Congressman Peterson secures funds for Moorhead transportation project  

Congressman Peterson secures funds for Crookston transportation project  

Congressman Peterson secures $13.3 million for St. Cloud area projects

March 10, 1998
Congressman Peterson: VA will put optometry service guideline on hold

February 26, 1998
Congressman Peterson co-sponsors Persian Gulf War Veterans Act of 1998

February 20, 1998
Congressman Peterson says Witt supports levees on mitigation lands

February 18, 1998
Congressman Peterson says "grant the waiver!"

February 4, 1998
Congressman Peterson: "President's budget is not fair to agriculture and veterans"

January 29, 1998
Minnesota finally gets good CRP news

January 27, 1998
City of East Grand Forks receives Economic Development Administration grants

January 22, 1998
Proposed rule on dairy reform expected Friday

November 25, 1997
Polk County awarded grant to purchase flood-prone homes

November 19, 1997
Sebeka teacher named teacher of the year by the council for learning disabilities

November 10, 1997
Congress delays implementation of border control system

November 5, 1997
Congressman Peterson supports IRS reform bill

November 4, 1997
Congressman Peterson comments on allegations made by employees at Fort Snelling

October 24, 1997
Congressman Peterson files Discharge Petition to force campaign finance debate

October 22, 1997
Congressman Peterson signs pledge to abolish the IRS code

October 20, 1997
St. Cloud Veterans Hospital to retain director

October 1, 1997
Congressman Peterson announces grants for Sacred Heart Schools

September 30, 1997
Congressman Peterson announces emergency relief program grant

September 26, 1997
West Central Minnesota Initiative Fund receives grant to provide loans to businesses hurt by flood

September 17, 1997
Congressman Peterson announces hazard mitigation grants

September 9, 1997
Funds on the way to help rebuild three schools  

New hospital in the works for Ada

August 27, 1997
Northwest Regional Development Commission receives grant to provide loans to businesses hurt by flood

August 18, 1997
Northwest Regional Development Commission receives grant to hire flood assistance personnel

August 14, 1997
Minnesota to receive funding to repair flood-damaged rail lines

August 1, 1997
90/10 share amendment added to budget due to assistance by Speaker Gingrich

July 30, 1997
House passes historic Balanced Budget Agreement

July 24, 1997
Congressman Peterson asks for assurances regarding possible future integration of Minneapolis/St. Cloud VA medical facility management and services

July 16, 1997
Amendment to increase funds for veterans' medical care passes House

July 16, 1997
Congressman Peterson staffer certified as Housing Development Finance Professional

June 27, 1997
Congressman Peterson supports the 'better' tax bill

June 19, 1997
Congressman Peterson: "Minnesota is not being shorted Federal aid"

June 16, 1997
Congressman Peterson applauds quick action by H.U.D., and Federal money for Minnesota flood damage

June 13, 1997
Congressman Peterson announces FEMA funds to repair Breckenridge Public Schools

June 12, 1997
Disaster bill passes House  

Congressman Peterson votes against Veterans' Committee reconciliation target

June 6, 1997
Congressman Peterson announces $1.5 million for Sacred Heart School

May 22, 1997
Congressman Peterson co-sponsors Sportsmen's Bill of Rights

May 21, 1997
Veterans' Affairs Committee sends Medicare "subvention" legislation to House  

House Veterans' Affairs Committee passes physician pay bill  

Congressman Peterson supports Balanced Budget Agreement of 1997

May 15, 1997
Congressman Peterson announces changes to National Flood Insurance Program

Supplemental Appropriations passes house -- faces threatened Presidential veto

April 24, 1997
Congressman Peterson announces emergency appropriations amendment that addresses flood disaster

April 21, 1997
Congressman Peterson co-sponsors Medicare "subvention" legislation

April 17, 1997
House Agriculture Committee passes CRP bill with Peterson amendment  

Congressman Peterson discusses disaster-related issues with Agriculture Secretary Glickman

April 16, 1997
"Blue Dogs" introduce common sense campaign finance reform bill

April 11, 1997
Wellstone and Peterson encourage disaster victims to apply for assistance

April 9, 1997
IRS tax relief applies to Minnesota flood victims

April 8, 1997
Minnesota declared disaster area, Peterson says

March 21, 1997
Congressman Peterson announces grant for Sauk Centre Juvenile Correctional Facility program  

Veterans' Affairs Committee passes budget blueprint

March 20, 1997
Veterans' Affairs Committee passes legislation that corrects clear and unmistakable errors in veterans benefits  

Seventeen 7th District Counties declared economic injury disaster loan areas

March 10, 1997
Congressman Peterson applauds Veterans' Affairs change to benefit Persian Gulf War veterans

March 5, 1997
Six 7th District counties declared economic injury disaster loan areas

February 28, 1997
Congressman Peterson concerned over missing Pentagon logs

Congressman Peterson asks Chairman to mark-up bill for one-year extension of CRP contracts

February 26, 1997
"Blue Dogs" unveil Common Sense Balanced Budget

Additional 7th District counties eligible to receive assistance from Federal Livestock Relief Program  

Congressman Peterson calls for CRP extensions as subcommittee holds oversight hearing on CRP

February 20, 1997
Transportation meetings set for Saturday

February 5, 1997
Congressman Peterson chosen as Ranking Minority Member on Agriculture Subcommittee  

Congressman Peterson appointed to Veterans' Affairs Committee

January 31, 1997
Federal Livestock Relief Program to assist producers in several Minnesota Counties

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