104th Congress Press Releases

December 30, 1996
Moorhead to receive funding tomorrow for 34th Street Corridor Project

December 12, 1996
Congressman Peterson pleased with USDA decision regarding advance dairy purchases

December 4, 1996
Congressman Peterson pleased with victory for Minnesota spring wheat

October 16, 1996
Congressman Peterson named Friend of Farm Bureau

October 10, 1996
Congressman Peterson to testify at USDA Public Forum on CRP in St. Cloud

September 26, 1996
Congressman Peterson named Co-Legislator of the Year by Safari Club

September 25, 1996
Subcommittee hearing explores Canadian Dairy Imports 

11 counties in 7th District to receive Nonstandard Classification System Relief

September 24, 1996
Congressman Peterson receives "Guardian of Small Business" award from NFIB

September 18, 1996
Congressman Peterson announces funding for 34th Street Corridor project

Congressman Peterson named to Veterans' Affairs Committee

August 9, 1996
Congressman Peterson disappointed in Administration going forward with Northeast Dairy Compact

July 18, 1996
Welfare reform legislation passes House

July 16, 1996
Congressman Peterson pleased with progress on bipartisan welfare reform legislation 

Congressman Peterson named Property Rights Champion

July 11, 1996
Wellstone and Peterson meet with Glickman and Panetta: Voice concern about impact of Northeast Dairy Compact on Midwestern farmers

June 18, 1996
Environmental Quality Incentives Program: May be of interest to 7th District dairy and livestock producers

June 14, 1996
Budget Resolution is a fraud, says Peterson

June 12, 1996
Agriculture Appropriations hurts sugar and CRP, according to Peterson

June 6, 1996
Farm cuts proposed by Republicans are simply unfair, says Peterson

May 21, 1996
GOP budget not realistic, says Peterson

May 10, 1996
Subcommittee hears testimony on Peterson Surplus Property Bill

May 9, 1996
Peterson receives Resources Stewardship Award from Safari Club International

May 2, 1996
Peterson to Glickman: "The dairy industry needs your help"

April 29, 1996
Congressman Peterson receives Deficit Hawk Award from the Concord Coalition

April 18, 1996
Peterson announces oversight hearings on National Cheese Exchange

April 16, 1996
Congressman Peterson named Vice-chair of Sportsmen's Caucus

March 28, 1996
Good for CRP, good for sugar, but bad for dairy: Congressman Peterson will oppose the Farm Bill

March 14, 1996
Peterson draws unanimous support for CRP -- Blocks efforts to further damage dairy program

March 5, 1996
Veterans' Affairs give official go-ahead for Veterans Home in Fergus Falls

February 29, 1996
The wins on sugar and CRP were great, but the loss on dairy was just too much, according to Peterson 

Peterson CRP amendment passes House 

Sugar amendment fails in House --- Sugar program remains intact

February 28, 1996
Environmentalists are showing their true colors by opposing CRP reauthorization, says Congressman Peterson

February 7, 1996
USDA passes over dairy farmers for food stamp program

January 25, 1996
Subcommittee Members and dairy industry reach compromise on dairy reform proposal

October 30, 1995
Peterson and Ewing introduce Agricultural Embargo bill

October 26, 1995
Congressman Peterson, "This is only the 1st inning for budget reconciliation."

October 25, 1995
Congressman Peterson supports common sense Corrections Day legislation

October 19, 1995
Congressman Peterson votes against extreme and inadequate Medicare proposals

October 17, 1995
Congressman Peterson to Speaker Gingrich, "Release the Agriculture Spending Bill"

October 13, 1995
The Coalition releases budget reconciliation plan

August 28, 1995
Representatives Peterson and Montgomery attend VFW Forum

August 21, 1995
Congressman Montgomery to join Congressman Peterson at Veterans Forum in Moorhead

August 8, 1995
Regulatory Subcommittee holds field hearing in St. Cloud

August 3, 1995
Congressman Peterson to help draft overhaul of dairy program

July 21, 1995
Peterson announces Fergus Falls to receive new veterans home

July 20, 1995
Peterson named co-chair of new Rural Issues Task Force

July 19, 1995
Regulatory Sunset and Review Act approved by House Committee

June 29, 1995
Peterson votes against budget conference report

June 15, 1995
Congressman Peterson named to Corrections Day committee

June 14, 1995
Congressman Peterson applauds president for submitting balanced budget

June 9, 1995
Coalition to take active role during budget resolution conference

May 18, 1995
The Coalition budget is most responsible and most sensible budget, says Rep. Peterson

May 16, 1995
Clean Water Act gives needed flexibility, says Congressman Peterson

The Coalition presents alternative budget proposal

May 12, 1995
Congressman Peterson criticizes proposed GOP education cuts 

1995 Farm Bill debate gets underway

May 10, 1995
Congressman Peterson elected Policy Vice-Chair of The Coalition

April 5, 1995
Peterson supports Democratic substitute to tax cut bill

Peterson joins college students in DC news conference

March 31, 1995
Peterson and The Coalition continue working on reducing deficit before cutting taxes

March 30, 1995
Peterson supports term limit amendments

March 29, 1995
Peterson joins group fighting legislation to eliminate sugar program

Peterson and The Coalition fight to reduce deficit before cutting taxes

March 24, 1995
Peterson supports Coalition welfare plan and opposes Republican bill

March 22, 1995
Peterson attends signing of Unfunded Mandates bill

March 9, 1995
Peterson amendment on Private Property Rights passes House

March 6, 1995
Peterson speaks at National Association of Home Builders conference

March 1, 1995
Welfare reform top on The Coalition's agenda

February 28, 1995
Peterson cosponsors constitutional amendment for flag protection

February 27, 1995
Peterson takes lead for risk assessment and cost/benefit analysis legislation

Congressman Peterson works for passage of regulatory moratorium legislation

February 22, 1995
Congressman Peterson pleased Administration backs down on border tax

February 15, 1995
Agriculture Subcommittee holds hearing on property rights

Congressman Peterson receives Deficit Hawk Award from the Concord Coalition

February 14, 1995
Congressman Peterson joins Anti-Border Tax Coalition 

The Coalition forms

February 9, 1995
Congressman Peterson co-sponsors Welfare Reform legislation

February 8, 1995
Congressman Peterson blasts proposed border fee

February 6, 1995
Congressman Peterson announces passage of line-item veto

January 31, 1995
Peterson amendment to Unfunded Mandate Reform Act passes

January 27, 1995
Peterson elected Vice-chair of Rural Caucus

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